The Pet Shrink specializes in:

Dog and Cat Behavior Problems

Puppy training and socialization

Obedience training

Dog Behavior Problems:

Aggression towards people & animals

Baby-Dog preparation

Excessive barking

Bolting out doors

Inappropriate chewing




Jumping on people & objects



Separation anxiety

Socialization (people & animals)

Stool eating (Coprophagia)

Cat Behavior Problems:

Aggression towards people & animals


Litter box problems

Scratching furniture

Socialization with people & animals


Behavior modification programs are tailored to the individual dog or cat presenting behavior problems. Puppy training and obedience training is also tailored to the individual pet.   

Having an untrained pet is stressful and in many cases expensive.  Think about how you feel coming home to urine or feces on the floor, your furniture chewed, or being afraid your pet will bite you or others.                                    

Starting your puppy off right is critical to the long term behavior of your pet.   You start training your puppy the day you bring him or her home.  So why not do it properly.  My puppy training program starts at eight weeks of age and focuses on the difficulties pet owners experience with their new puppy such as chewing, housebreaking, jumping, nipping, etc.  In addition, I help you build a solid obedience foundation, working with you and your puppy together in order to develop the best relationship possible.  This program will also focus on socialization with dogs and people in public once the puppy has
completed its vaccination program from the veterinarian.
Michael Steinberg, M.A.
Serving San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita Valley,
and Ventura County neighborhoods.
"One technique does not fit all behavior problems as one training method does not work with every pet. Why ? Because every pet and every environment is different."   - The Pet Shrink

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