Michael Steinberg helped turn our out-of-control, increasingly dangerous dog into the wonderful family pet we had always hoped she would be.  The change was actually quite dramatic -- a complete turn around.  We could see the difference in her behavior in just a few weeks. THANK YOU Michael Steinberg!!
Before we met Michael, we were concerned that we were going to have to find a new home for our 1 1/2 year old Goldendoodle, named Lucky.  We just couldn't control her.  She is big and strong, and she would NEVER listen to our commands.  She jumped on people, knocked over small children, and she growled and lunged at other dogs.  She ran away when we called her, and would steal anything she could get a hold of ... and not give it back.  She also developed a scary habit of attacking people when they left our home.  She apparently didn't want to be left behind, and would charge at people and  bite at them, their clothing, purses, whatever she could grab.  When she injured a family member, we knew we needed help fast.
We had already taken her to a different trainer the year before.  But that trainer's method of teaching was obviously not effective.  So, when our vet recommended Michael, "someone who knows how to handle BIG dogs with behavioral problems", we called him right away.  After the first session, we saw a difference, and within a couple of weeks Lucky was a changed dog.  She now listens, is calmer, obeys our commands, is less neurotic, and is much more pleasant to have around.  Not to mention, she is NO longer dangerous.
I would highly recommend Michael, The Pet Shrink to anyone with a dog that needs training.  His calm, commanding approach was incredible to watch.
Tracie Savage
Sherman Oaks, CA 
Dear Michael,                                                                                                                                           
I am writing this letter in complete gratitude for what you have done once again with my new puppy Malibu.  Ten years ago, when you first trained my Cocker Spanial off leash, you never ceased to amaze me with your skills.  Now once again, ten years later, you have once again helped me train another dog of mine.  Malibu is doing exactly what you helped me train her to do.  I feared you had left and would not be able to find you again.
Please accept my complete THANK YOU'S for all you have done for me.  Please do not have any future client hesitate to contact me for any references.  I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.
Thank you again,                                               
Marian Wojak
Dear Michael,
We just want to thank you so very much for your help with our puppy, Rudy.  While Rudy is not our first dog, he is the first puppy we have adopted into our home.  I don't think we realized what a challenge training a puppy would be.  Your wise and loving training methods have been extremely helpful and Rudy was quickly housebroken, and is now off and running to becoming the most delightful, well-behaved pet an owner could wish for.
You have gone beyond the call of duty with our training sessions and it is greatly appreciated.
Janet & Ira Shuman
  In January of 2006, we purchased a Newfoundland and named her Bella.  According to all the books, they are the sweetest most gentle dog around...it's the dog in Peter Pan for heavens sake.  Unfortunately for us that was not the case with Bella.  Our Newfie was stubborn, willful, and a biter.
We were in a situation where we had a 3 month old 25 pound puppy, snipping and attacking us whenever we tried to get her do do something she didn't want to do.  We tried all the things the well known trainer on television was saying to do...let her know whose boss, get her on her back and do the claw thing...everything we tried made her fight us more...we contacted the Newfie society, went on line to dog behavior chat rooms, read innumerable books, spoke to anyone willing to listen...all we head over and over again was "Oh no, that's not good...your dogs not supposed to bite you...and at 3 months old...that's highly unusual"...well thanks, we knew that.  We were at the end of our rope...we had this beautiful black fur ball who was sooo cute but we couldn't trust her and were wearing long sleeves to cover our bite marks along with the embarrassment of having a dog that was biting us.
We were considering finding her a new home and were talking to our vet about it and he recommended contacting Michael Steinberg, The Pet Shrink.  Our first thought was "No, we can figure it out... I don't want to have to pay someone, I mean it's a dog and we should be able to control her".  Finally, we agreed that we needed help.  Boy are we glad we called ! Michael spoke with us over the phone and told us a few things to do until our first appointment with him.  From the minute he walked in the door, Bella was a changed animal.  It was truly amazing to watch him with her and the respect he commanded.  We signed on for a series of lessons.  We learned that training had a lot to do with training us as well as our dog.  Over time Bella learned to sit, stay, lay down, come, not jump, stop chewing the furniture, and most important, not to bite the hand that fed her, or anyone else's hand for that matter.
Throughout the process, there were several times that Michael had to come to our rescue and get Bella back on track.  Michaels training style is direct and encouraging and works.  The results were nothing less than miraculous.  In no time at all Michael took our puppy from a willful, obstinate, biting dog to an obedient, sweet, and loving companion.  Bella has truly become a member of our family and now, thanks to Michael, never in a million years would we consider finding her a new home.
Angelo & Adrianne Tiffe
Dear Fellow Veterinary Professionals,
I would like to introduce you to Michael Steinberg, M.A. We have referred numerous clients to him for over a decade with great results.
He most often deals with our canine patients who have issues such as separation anxiety
and aggression, but has also helped our cantankerous feline friends.  I would also recommend Michael for your puppy training and obedience issues.
When my two year old Pit Bull became aggressive after a dog fight he was instrumental in helping me overcome this problem and get her back out for her walks.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.
Very truly yours,
Kymberly Mitchell, D.V.M.
Montrose Pet Hospital
818 249.2273
Tony came home with me at 9 weeks old weighing in at 12 pounds.  He was a wonderful Doberman puppy but with each passing day seemed to gain a pound and got the, "puppy out of control", syndrome.  Michael Steinberg, The Pet Shrink, came to my rescue - once again.  He had trained my previous Doberman.  With the expert training and behavior programs he has given Tony and myself, he is now the perfect 106 pound adult dog.  He loves other dogs and no longer tries to lick them death.  We go on great walks and is a joy at home with my two Chihuahua mixes and 4 month old kitten.
Michael also trained my "killer" Chihuahua, Stella to "just get along" with everyone.  He previously worked with an adult cat to not urinate on the couch and tear it up. 
Michael has worked with my menagerie on and off since 1995 wilth professional expertise that has brought peace to my home.
Linda Adams
Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for helping me train our Dobie rescue Nala !  Thanks to your training techniques, she
now heels on a leash beautifully, comes when called (even if highly distracted), greets people without jumping on them (especially important for when she sees my parents), and displays so many other great manners.  As with our boxer Ziggy, you have trained in a way that I can learn to implement and then practice with the dogs.  The training exercises are fun for both the dogs and me -- and, more important, they work !  As our dogs go everywhere with us, including the office, they really need to be on their best behavior and because of your training techniques, they are fantastic in public and at home. 
Thank you again !!!
Janet Shapiro, Beverly Hills CA
Michael Steinberg, M.A.
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